Meeting Tom – Part 4


Meeting Tom – Part 4

by Janet M. Nast

Finally, one Friday afternoon Fred mentioned that his partner, Tom, would be returning to work on the following Monday. Wow, I finally get to meet the infamous partner named “Tom.” Kinda cool, kinda exciting.

TomandFred.smallfileMonday came and sure enough, there were two guys in the booth. When Fred said hi to me his partner turned around and got the biggest smile on his face. Didn’t talk much, but oh what a nice smile! And those blue eyes, I was hooked! I joined them that day and just about every other day after that. Never in my entire life have I ever met two nicer gentlemen, “gentlemen” being the key word here. They both had incredible manners and treated me like a lady no matter what.

I say “no matter what” because of the conversations we had over the next year. As I mentioned earlier I was going through a pretty nasty divorce and it wasn’t my first one. So many of our conversations were about that…and politics.

Since these guys were married I really didn’t care what they thought of me or my opinions. So I really didn’t hold back on anything. We didn’t always see eye to eye on a lot of things so we had some pretty heated discussions.  Although, on more than one occasion I thought for sure they wouldn’t come back the next day. But that was the best thing about our developing “relationship:” I didn’t care what they thought of me and I don’t think they cared what I thought of them. I guess what it came down to is that if I pissed them off or offended them, it didn’t really matter. They could just stop coming around and be out of my life. No great loss. It’s not like I was going to date them and we weren’t friends outside of having lunch together.  It was also nice because I didn’t feel like I had any reason to impress them either.

I dated a little bit here and there during this time frame and I found I started telling them about all those ridiculous events too. Boy we had some good laughs over that!  Eventually we formed a friendship…and I did start caring about them and them about me; well, I think they did. Come to find out that they were actually rushing through all their work at warp speed just to get done in time to meet me for lunch.

SavoyDonutsEventually they found out that I would stop at our local Savoy Donut shop every morning at the same time, so they started showing up there too. Hmmm, I guess this could have been a good thing or a bad thing. But I didn’t feel creeped out by it, so it must’ve been on the “good thing” side.

Well, one day I arrived at Burger King for lunch and started whining about the condo my kids and I were living in. It was starting to feel a little cramped for the three of us. Evidently I was whining to the right guy. It was Fred who told me about the more affordable housing in Temecula. Since the kids and I made out okay in the divorce (that finally went through), we had a little bit of money in the bank for what I thought would be a respectable down payment on a house. But with the price of real estate skyrocketing in sunny southern California, I knew that that would only be true if we left San Diego.

Stay tuned for the last part of my Meeting Tom story – Part 5, scheduled for Monday, September 19th!

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