Meeting Tom – Part 3




Meeting Tom – Part 3

by Janet M. Nast
DSCN0011He said, “My partner and I come in here all the time and we’ve noticed you’re always in here reading a book.”

“Oh, sorry, I’ve never really noticed you. I don’t look up much because I just want to read and relax.”

Then he introduced himself as Fred and told me his partner’s name is Tom. “Tom’s off in Arizona right now for his father’s funeral. He’ll be back in two weeks…maybe you’ll meet him if you’re still coming in here by then.”

“Yeah, maybe, we’ll see.”

We continued to talk for a what I thought was a few minutes when all of a sudden my Nextel phone went off: “Jan, are you going to make the one o’clock department meeting?”  Oh crap! I completely forgot! I quickly explained to Fred that that’s why I wasn’t reading. I was running late and didn’t have time. Gotta go!

MeetingOh my God! I was only a temp at Blanchard and had only been working there a few weeks. How embarrassing to be late to a department meeting.  As an introvert, there’s nothing worse than walking into a meeting late.  Everybody always stops talking and looks at you until you sit down. To me it’s a fate worse than death!

The only thing that was worse than that was that all I could think about during that whole meeting was Fred:  Hmmm, I wonder if they really do go in there every day? Fred’s been married for over 20 years but I wonder if his partner is.  He’s turning 50 the following Saturday (Feb 4, 2000), I wonder how old his partner is. I think he said he’s a bit younger.
Fred seems really nice…I had just recently started going through the process of what was turning out to be a very ugly divorce myself so it was nice to meet someone nice for a change. I wonder if he’ll be there tomorrow. I guess it doesn’t matter though because he’s married and I really don’t need the headaches right now anyway.

I went back the next day just for the heck of it. Nope, not there. Well, no big deal. But the next day he was. And the next day too.

Fred really was very nice to talk to. I told him about my divorce and bounced some of the issues off him. He’d been married for over 20 years but he offered a lot of support.  I found that I was really starting to look forward to seeing him there every day.

Stay tuned for Meeting Tom – Part 4, scheduled for Monday, August 29th!

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