• Letters from Boot Camp
  • Sigh…one of the hardest times of our lives…

    “Dear Mom,

    I have arrived safely at MCRD San Diego, California and have been assigned to Platoon 1005, Alpha Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion. We have two Drill Instructors and one Senior Drill Instructor for our platoon that will be with us every day, every where we go.”



    Letters From Boot Camp

    Second Letter: Sept. 18, 2008 (click to read)

Letters From Boot Camp

I was one of the lucky moms because my son, Alan, loved to write.
This book is a compilation of all the letters he wrote to me during his twelve weeks at MCRD, San Diego.

While in boot camp, recruits are not allowed the use of telephones or computers, so writing letters is their only form of communication. Reading his words really helped keep my blood pressure under control as I came to realize that it’s not as bad as the movies portray it to be, thank God!

Of course, this is just one recruit’s perspective of boot camp but I believe Alan’s letters will help to calm your fears, and at the same time, maybe raise awareness for those of you who are considering the Marine Corps as a career choice (or a one-term enlistment).

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