25 Awesome Moving Hacks

Oz understands that moving is annoying, a key reason why it’s important for us to always have a positive attitude to help our customers deal with the intense stress of the process. In the 21st century, scientists and engineers have not yet created some kind of end-all problem solving gadget that turns moving into a quick and easy process. The Internet has filled the gap, and become a great place to find tons of useful and innovative moving “hacks” creating simple solutions to common moving problems. We reached out to the web’s most enthusiastic “hackers” to share some of their innovative moving tips, and even provided some of our own; hopefully, they can help you with your move.  Read more…


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30 ways to stop spoiling your kid


If you’re a parent, you are probably eager to find ways to teach your children how to be wise with money without feeling like you are nagging or lecturing them. Spoiling your children or not teaching them money management can wreak havoc down the road — and into their adult lives.

A 2011 Today Parenting survey found that three-quarters of respondents think children are spoiled. Don’t be part of the 75 percent. Here are 30 strategies for raising children who will grow up with a realistic and healthy perspective on money. Read more…


Buying a Car Privately: Do’s, Don’ts, and Paperwork You’ll Need

September 8, 2015 Advice
Here at Quoted, we’ve talked about buying and selling cars a lot, and we’ve detailed the various ways to pay for them, and how to make the best choice for you. But what if you aren’t going through a dealer? What if you find a great car in an online listing, or through friends and family? Read more…


Advice on Renting Your First Apartment after College

25 August 2015 by Kathleen Krueger

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You’ve made it through four or more years of dorm life, and now you’re ready to spread your wings. All you need now is to find a place to land. Finding a suitable apartment can be a challenge depending on where you live. With the added stress of relocating for a new job, it can feel overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to find your new home quickly and afford-ably Read more…

K-FROG FM, Riverside, CA

Here are my 10 seconds of fame! June 29th Frogman Scott asked if any of their listeners were authors. Of course I had to call!


Click on the frog to listen!

EPN interview with Eric Dye

Click here to listen!

Janet M. Nast, the author of Shifting to the Business of Life, A Survival Guide for Young Adults joins Enterprise Radio. You will enjoy her candid approach and message to the every day events of life and how this will help young adults. Read more…


Co-signing on a Loan

Co-signing on a loan can be a good thing or a bad thing.  Just don’t go into it lightly.  I had a chance to discuss this topic with Geoff Williams at US News.  Read more…


What empty nesters need to consider after their babies have flown the coop!

Jan Nast knew her children would eventually leave home for school, work, marriage, grown-up life. But she didn’t realize how hard it would be — or the sacrifices she would continue making to stay close to her daughter and son — after becoming an empty nester.

Read more…


Top 5 Beach Reads for the Summer Before College

Whether you want to sharpen your mind before college or are just looking for a way to pass the time while you’re vegging out on a hammock, these summer reads are sure to resonate for incoming students like you. (And you’ll want to get a head start on number five!)

Read more…

A shout out to Becker College Admissions Team for selecting “Shifting to the Business of Life, A Survival Guide for Young Adults,” as one of their “Top 5!”

USAToday-College,  via NerdWallet

I was honored to be interviewed, along with four other experts, for USAToday-College,  via NerdWallet, for this recent article.  For those of you who are new to the interview experience, pay attention and take a note: this information can affect your future!

5 Phrases You Should Never Say In a Job Interview


When put on the spot, even the most confident job candidates can trip over their words. If you’re interviewing for your first job out of college, you’re bound to take some verbal tumbles.

There are always a few phrases experts say put candidates directly in their “no” pile. Avoid becoming just another casualty in the annals of bad job candidates by nixing these phrases from your interview vocabulary.  Read more…

As long as you’re in the “interview” mindset, be sure to check out this short video on interview prep:

Shifting to the Business of Life - Preparing for an InterviewShifting to the Business of Life – Preparing for an Interview

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