Shifting to the Business of Life


“I have seen many people show up to the Fleet in the Marine Corps that would strongly benefit from this book. They often have little to no idea how to conduct themselves as adults in regards to their finances, living arrangements, lines of credit, and their effect on other peoples’ lives. People that are transitioning from high school to the adult world should read this during their student career.”

Sergeant Jason D. Paul, United States Marine Corps



Hey Jan!
“I got your book today and I already read it and I’m gonna tell you what: every school should give it to a kid for a graduation gift.
Girl, you touched on everything that a child needs to know when they graduate! You couldn’t have written a better book! And I don’t think there’s one out there like this, anywhere.</P

They need to teach a course with this, hand it out as a handbook. I’m telling ya: It was totally awesome. I’m so excited about getting to give it as a gift! Awesome, awesome, awesome, wonderful job!”

Cheryl (Beauregard) Owen, Mom



“You know those responsibilities you just don’t quite have a grasp on yet? Like filing your W-2 forms, or balancing your checking account, or registering to vote? Well, this book covers it all. Perfect timing for your first taste of independence—it even touches on tattoos and piercing etiquette in job interviews!” (Read more)

Becker College Admissions Team – Becker College



“I can’t tell you how much I appreciated reading your book! As I read it, I couldn’t help but think about the people that cross my path. This book needs to be in the hands of EVERY high school graduate! Thank you Jan, for such enlightenment to so many!”

Sabrina Reesor – Realty One Group Southwest, Mom



“My friend Jan wrote this book – for sale on Amazon, blantant plug, LOL! For all my FB friends who have a teenager or young adult, I recommend this as a grad gift or stocking stuffer. Not only is it a good “hint” it’s a lot of sound advice for those about to enter the real world! So proud of you Jan Nast!”

Gaylene Thayer – IT Trainer and Training Developer, Mom