Released March 2015:

“Shifting to the Business of Life”

A Survival Guide for Young Adults

 It’s now available on Amazon Create Space: CLICK HERE to order!


This book is a comprehensive list of all terms, forms and processes all young adults should know and understand. (Click here to read sample chapter) amazon.logo


You Can’t Love Your Children Too Much!

Book.cover.colorA Single Mom’s Thoughts on Raising Children Published 11/2006
Read “inside the book” and purchase your copy at:amazon.logo

 Coming Soon:
“Letters From Boot Camp”

I was one of the lucky moms because my son loved to write.   I hope that his words make a difference for someone. SnapFishBookCover

Next work in progress:
“Toothpaste and Toilet Paper”

Loving Someone Doesn’t Mean You Can Live With Them 
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