Who do you trust with your dental health?

Who Do You Trust
With Your Dental Health?

MyTeethThe Government, the Media, or Your Dentist?

By now you have all heard (from the media that the government is no longer supporting the idea that flossing has any health benefits whatsoever.  Click here to read their story.

Before you throw your floss away and celebrate saving all that money (about $6 every other month) along with the extra minute or two you now have in the mornings, use that minute to read,

My Story

As a child and through to my early adult years, I spent more time in the dentist’s chair than I care to remember. Yes, I can still “feel” that pain! I had all kinds of cavities and fillings – multiples in some teeth –  up until I was 29 years old and getting my first root canal. And until I gave birth to my first child, that was the worst pain I’d ever experienced in my life!

So, when I asked my dentist how to avoid ever having to go through that again,  he said:

“Floss at least once a day and you will never have another cavity”

Now think about it: How could that advice be of any benefit to him?

He made $1500 off of my root canal and the crown that had to be put on what was left of my hollowed out husk of a tooth.

If I start flossing and prevent new cavities, he’s losing a cash cow.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened!

All he’s ever made off of me in the next 30 years was the low cost of my annual checkups and one small cavity about 4 years ago now.

I’m saving big bucks and my dentist is losing a ton!

Now on the other hand, my husband only uses floss to get the popcorn seeds out from between his teeth once in a while. Dang it! It’s just not fair! But the point is,


So you decide:

Do you want to jump on the media band wagon when it comes to your dental heath? Or do you want to listen to your dentist who probably knows your teeth better than anyone else?


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