I don’t understand the Woman’s March

I don’t understand the Woman’s March…

I’ve seen a lot of videos about these marches, this being the most recent:


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There are parts of this one I agree with.
For instance, most Trump supporters were/are afraid to say it out loud because we don’t want our neighborhoods, cars, businesses, and homes trashed and vandalized by the other “team.”

One of the most outstanding things I see is that it appears all the protesters are drawing a line in the sand, rather than looking at Trump’s administration, or any Trump supporters for that matter, with an open mind. (A lot of us hated Obama but I’m pretty sure there weren’t a lot of people protesting and behaving as badly as
the opposition is now. We sucked it up and prayed for time to fly.)

Then there’s the popular “we hate all rich people, i.e. Trump and all his supporters,” attitude,  along with the assumption that all Trump supporters are millionaires. That’s funny as hell! I don’t think Big Joe is a millionaire (he’s a courier), and neither am I.

That said, why does everyone love and listen to all the millionaire movie stars? Do they not count as “rich” too? And why not? It appears that there’s the “bad”  rich who own companies that provide employment opportunities, and the good rich (movie stars/entertainers & the Clintons) who just keep their millions all to themselves. Huh????

So, again, I’m still not clear on the point of these “Woman’s Marches.” As far as I can see, Trump got into office on Friday and I believe he’s signed papers for his cabinet members… not sure what else but so far, nothing has changed my “rights” to anything. So what is the problem again?

Yup, I’m confused. And very, very afraid.

I sooo look forward to any and all comments that can enlighten me and those who are as confused as I am.


Janet M. Nast


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