Welcome to the The Business of Life!

You’all want to grow up and move out one day, right? And you want to make your parents proud, RIGHT?

Then let’s think about it, which would you rather do:

  • Live under Mom and Dad’s roof forever, following their rules, and always having to explain to your hot date why you still live there? OR,
  • Get your act together and learn all you can so that you can buy your own car, rent your own apartment, and finally stand on your own two feet?

Well, I would say if you like the sound of having some privacy with your dates, start by getting over the eye-rolling, “OMG, you don’t know anything” attitude when your parents talk about the best way to get a job.  Yeah, we all say, “that’s wayyyy down the road,” but we all know how fast time flies…especially when graduation is just a week away!

It’s not like you have to bail as you have your diploma in your hot little hands, but I don’t imagine you want the next “failure to launch” movie to be about you.

What do I mean by The Business of Life?


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your high school graduation coming up in the next two or three years?
  • Do you ever wonder what your life will look like after that?
  • I mean, do you plan on moving out?
  • How will you pay your cell phone bill or car payment?
  • Do you have a job? Do you know how to get one?
  • Have you talked with Mom and Dad about what it will cost to live on your own? Do you have any idea?

Yeah, we all eventually figured these things out for ourselves, but do you really want to stumble and fall all over yourself while living in the same bedroom you grew up in until you’re 40? (Really? That’s just embarrassing!)

So where do you start?

Well, I’d say, start by installing the Kindle app on your cell phone and then download a copy of Shifting to the Business of Life. No, it’s not too small to read. It’s no smaller than the text on this website, and it’s easy enough to make it bigger if you want to. Easy peasy!

Shifting to the Business of Life, A Survival Guide for Young Adults

This book contains simple, easy to understand explanations for over 100 basic things that none of your parents knew anything about either when they were stumbling through their pimply-faced teen years.
Check out the table of contents: (click here and look inside)

This is what one lady had to say about it:

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“What I liked most was that each subject was long enough for the details needed, but not too long to lose interest.”

Jennifer Paul – Actress, wife, mom and daughter

Shifting to the Business of Life, A Survival Guide for Young Adults

Available at (Amazon.com , Amazon.Kindle, and Barnes & Noble)

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