Get ready to learn all you can about Adulting, a.k.a. The Business of Life!

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Live under Mom and Dad's roof forever, following their rules, and always having to explain to your hot date why you still live there? OR,

Get your act together and learn all you can so that you can buy your own car, rent your own apartment, and finally stand on your own two feet?

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Yes, Shifting to the Business of Life, is the Ultimate Survival Guide for Young Adults!

You’ll find that this book contains simple, easy to understand explanations for over 100 basic things that none of your parents knew anything about either when they were stumbling through their pimply-faced teen years.

This is what one graduate had to say about it:

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“What I liked most was that each subject was long enough for the details needed, but not too long to lose interest.”

Jennifer Paul – Actress, wife, mom and daughter

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What is The Business of Life?