Welcome to the The Business of Your Child’s Life!

We all want our kids to grow up and move out one day, right? And we want to take comfort in knowing we did all we could to ensure their success. RIGHT?

Then let’s think about it, which would you rather do:

  • Retire while you’re still young enough to remember what a “date night” is, or,
  • Spend all your energy and hard earned money taking care of your adult kids indefinitely?

Well, I would say if you like the sound of those date nights, start by getting over the fear of talking to your kids about their plans for life after high school or college. We all say, “that’s wayyyy down the road,” but we all know how fast time flies…especially when your kid hits the ninth grade.

It’s not like you want to give them the boot as soon as they have their diploma in their hot little hands, but I don’t imagine you want the next “failure to launch” movie to be about your kid.

What do I mean by The Business of Life?


Ask yourself those questions:

  • Is there a high school graduation coming up in your family in the next three to four years?
  • Do you wonder what your kid will do after that?
  • I mean, do they plan on moving out?
  • How will he or she survive? Do they have a job?
  • Have you talked with them about what it will cost to live on their own?

Yes, we all eventually figured things out for ourselves, but do you really want your kids to stumble and fall all over themselves while living in your “guest” room until they’re 40? I thank God every day that my kids were prepared enough to move out from under my roof at the ripe old ages of 19 and 20 and never looked back.

So where do you start?

Well, take some comfort in the fact that you probably have most of the necessary knowledge already; all I did was write it down so when you’re just too tired to think, you can take a look and find a topic you can talk to your child about.

Shifting to the Business of Life, A Survival Guide for Young Adults.

This survival guide contains simple, easy to understand explanations for over 100 basic topics that none of us knew anything about when we were stumbling through our pimply-faced teen years.
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This is what one customer had to say about it:

“What I liked most was that each subject was long enough for the details needed, but not too long to lose interest.”

Jennifer Paul – Actress, wife, mom and daughter

Shifting to the Business of Life, A Survival Guide for Young Adults

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